Hi, Im Shan

Mama, Wife, Sister, Memory Keeper, Light Chaser

Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.

- Neil Gaiman -

Hi there, Im Shannon. Im so happy you found my little piece of the world. I started my photography journey 5 years ago. I had a newborn son and a 2yr old son. Sleep deprived and feeling out of sorts, I craved something that was just for me. I wanted something that would not only feed my mind, but also my soul. Something I could grow with and learn from. So in those wee morning hours, while feeding my son, I would have my phone out and read everything I could about photography. And then in the morning, I would pull out my camera and practice. Years and thousands of really terrible photos later, here we are. Still loving photography, still taking thousands of photos each year, and thankfully they are not nearly as terrible as they once were.

Im so happy to have a space to share these photos with you. My hope is that you can walk away inspired. Inspired to try something new, to fall and fail and keep trying. To become that memory keeper for your family and mostly, for yourself.

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Taking photos and films of my ordinary life, filled with my extraordinary people.

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