And baby makes 5…. A baby gender reveal

Have you ever been around someone who was so happy and excited that it then made YOU so happy and excited that you could hardly stand it? Yeah, that’s this girl right here. This Mama is so, so very sweet, funny (seriously, like makes my stomach hurt from laughing funny), gorgeous (duh, look at the pictures) and just all around awesome. Those pretty little girls that are surrounding her? Amazing littles (well, one not so little anymore, but still) And her hubs? Well, he’s pretty alright too.. 😉

When I get to photograph my friends, it can actually be hard. It’s hard because I know them, Im involved and when they are happy, Im happy, when they are sad, Im sad. So at this reveal, I had to try SO HARD to keep it together. You guys, I had to surprise them…LOL…no pressure. I was so nervous, I had to make sure I was getting the pictures and doing their film, and I was actually also REALLY excited to find out what they were having! And so, we did a quick little gender reveal photo shoot and film and man oh man it did not disappoint. Just look at those smiles.

And now you’re smiling too…..see I told you,….contagious.






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