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Sweet Little Miss R

This sweet, sweet, sweet….did I say sweet?? baby girl is my best friends daughter. I have had the extreme privilege to be photographing my best friend for quite some time now. There’s nothing quite like a friend that believes in you right from the start. And she always, always has. I’ve done engagement, maternity, newborn and now 6 month photos with this family. And every time I see them, I come away saying that these are some of my favorite photos ever. And how could they not be? This family is as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. But this session, this was really, really special. And here’s why.

I got in the car at 6am to get to their house early. It was supposed to rain this day. Im driving and the sky is turning black…I mean BLACK. (Just an FYI, Light is pretty much the #1 most important thing when trying to take photos…). I get to the house, baby girl decided to wake up early this day. LOL. Uh-oh… We start, Im literally pulling out my flash because the light is just, well, not good… Baby girl She’s not a happy camper. Right about now, Im panicking and silently crying inside…LOL. Okay, time for a break. Let’s just stop. We do. Mama decides to get a bottle ready for little Miss. She sits on the couch with her and ladies and gentlemen….I kid you not, the skies started to part and glorious sunshine started to flow into the window. But just on the couch….LOL. Well everyone, here is a life lesson for you: just go with it. We really don’t have control of most situations, you just work with what you are given. If the light is on the couch, the couch is where we shall stay. And we did. And it was MAGICAL. Turns out, the bottle is just what little Miss needed (well, that and Mama) to be a happy girl. And so, in the 30 minutes that we had, this is what we got. A happy, beautiful baby girl, in beautiful light. There are so many I love, so be prepared for an over share friends.

Rori 6months_0002 Rori 6months_0007 Rori 6months_0009 Rori 6months_0014 Rori 6months_0015 Rori 6months_0016 Rori 6months_0017 Rori 6months_0018 Rori 6months_0019 Rori 6months_0022 Rori 6months_0023 Rori 6months_0024 Rori 6months_0031 Rori 6months_0033 Rori 6months_0040 Rori 6months_0047 Rori 6months_0051 Rori 6months_0054

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  • Rhonda Merritt - Saying these are so beautiful is such an understatement Shannon. You did such a wonderful job capturing both of my angels. Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

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